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  • Fagtema                         Tirsdag 10-12  Knut-Tore Sylte (Fluke Norge):
    Kurs og foredrag                                    «KURS i Praktisk Måleteknikk»
                                                                       Se brosjyren for detaljer
                                            Tirsdag 13-15  Henning Røed (Etm4u):
    Påmelding ved inng.                               «ESD-grunnkurs – Ny standard»

  • Teknologiseminarer (45 min.) og utstilling av Tektronix og Keithley produkter. Møt ekspertene «live» og ta med informasjon hjem etter «messen».

  • Sierra Wireless release the IoT’s most secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo module offering cloud services and secure boot. Optimized for industrial IoT applications that need to connect to the cloud.
    The combo modules feature integrated TCP/IP and Bluetooth stacks, along with a simple UART interface for fast and easy integration.

  • Ideal for mounting of PCBs horizontally.
    ABS plastic with UL94-HB rating designed to meet IP54.
    3 lengths in black, grey, translucent clear, translucent smoke or translucent red.
    Complete with lid and two self-tapping screws.
    2 or 4 PCB standoffs molded into interior.
    For pre-configured USB Type A male connector - try our 1551USB series.
    For slightly larger enclosures - try our 1551 series

  • Michell Instruments har annonsert lanseringen av oksygenanalysatoren XZR250 for overvåking av forbrenningskontroll i industrielle kjeler. Det ble utviklet for å møte kundenes etterspørsel etter et kostnadseffektivt, enkelt å betjene instrument med en sonde designet for å takle de høye temperaturene.

  • To meet today’s marketplace demands, engineers need a reliable power connector with a compact form factor. They typically have to choose between connectors with exposed terminals that are susceptible to damage and connectors that protect terminals but take up too much space. Nano-Fit™ Power Connectors solve this dilemma by offering the smallest fully isolated headers in the market.

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